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About me

Born in 1935 Chandra was a student of the University of Ceylon [Peradeniya] where she received a Bachelor's degree in 1958 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education in 1967. She taught in several government schools and at an Advanced Teacher's College in Nigeria . Thereafter she worked as an English instructor at Colombo University .

Chandra always loved drawing. From the time she was a kid and through out her school career she had a passion for drawing and painting.

What was just an interest in art took a new turn during her undergraduate days at the University of Ceylon Peradeniya, the cultural centre of the country at that time, when her friends persuaded her to concentrate on art. Having completed her degree she worked as a teacher, and devoted all her leisure time with great enthusiasm and pleasure, to create something she hoped, would please the eye and the mind, something satisfying, beautiful and hopefully, enduring.

In the early sixties she came under the influence of the great guru Stanley Abeysinghe. Stanley gave her much encouragement and support. In the mid sixties she received several awards for line drawing, sculpture and oil painting at the Ceylon Society of Arts exhibitions. During this time she also participated in the International Bienniales of Sao Paulo and New Delhi . She had six solo exhibitions of Painting in 1966, 1967, 1989, 1993, 2003 and 2004 .

Today Chandra devotes all her time to oil painting.


Comments by art critics

" I recall with delight Chandra Malalgoda Bandaranayake's work twenty five years ago in which themes of serenity and a quiet repose were depicted in soft-toned hues. She has now moved with confidence and greater control of her medium into studies of a formal and measured dignity accompanied by a richer use of colour and deliberately poised composition. Her favoured subjects remain women and children observed with a compassionate and reflective eye. Her inspiration is in essence tranquil and personal, deriving little or nothing from the turmoil around us"

H A I Goonatilake, Peradeniya 1989

"Chandra Malalgoda Bandaranayake's paintings remind me of the work of a few other women artists such as Marie Laurencine, Orvida and Amrita Shergil. Chandra's work shows a sensitive atachment to children and young people. She paints them as if she is caressing the surface of the canvas. It seems to me that she is looking at a garden where occasional faces forms and figures   come alive with a few strokes of the brush. It is the vision of a very sensitive artist"

Stanley Abeysinghe, Former Principal of the Government College of Fine Arts. Presently Faculty of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya.

"Richly sensuous, frequently enchanting, her wide range of paintings and her female figurines with their tremendous dignity deeply satisfy the eye."

Lakshmi de Silva, Department of English, University of Kelaniya

"....exqusitely simple line work that pulls the onlooker into the piece and keeps you circling about almost hypnotically, caught up in the exchange of emotion"

Ellen Guerrttaz, Department of Architecture, University of Cincinnati, 1999

"Chandra Malalgoda Bandaranayake attempts to invest in her work a meditative stillness extricating art from the vicious circle of the ephemeral, the New and sensational, ......about her female figures... what she achieves is 'presence', icon-like moments taken out of time."

Professor S B Disanayake, 1999