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A few comments by critics I believe will provide further insight to my work.

"Chandra Malalgoda Bandaranayake's paintings reminds me of the work of a few other women artists such Marie Laurencine, Orvida and Amrita Shergil. Chandra's work shows a sensitive attachment to children and young people. She paints them as if she is caressing the canvas. It seems to me that she is looking at a garden where occasional faces forms and figures come alive with a few strokes of the brush. It is the vision of a very sensitive artist.”

Stanley Abeysinghe, Former Principal Government College of Fine Arts, presently Dept. of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya.

“I recall with delight Chandra's work twenty five years ago in which themes of serenity and a quiet repose were depicted in soft toned hues. She has now moved with confidence and a greater control of her medium into studies of a formal and measured dignity accompanied by a richer use of colour and deliberately poised composition. Her favoured subjects remain women and children observed with a compassionate and reflective eye. Her inspiration is in essence tranquil and personal deriving little or nothing from the turmoil around us.”

H A I Goonatileke , University of Peradeniya 1989.

"Her latest exposition is a revelation of inward growth and an outward control of her considerable artistic gifts. A surer feel for composition, a less tentative grasp of harmonious application of colour, and a firmer confidence in the structure of form and line combine to give her most recent paintings an aura of mature inspiration.

Her range of subjects has widened to embrace spiritual modes and environments, and a consequent release of feeling expressed with an appropriate fervour. A new radiance informs her work, and a fresh spirit of daring infects her brush."

H A I Goonetileke, November 1989.

“I am struck by the many emotions reflected all over in the body language and particularly in the eyes of the subjects….her method of composition is quite similar throughout especially in the placement of the head and the exquisitely simple line work that pulls the onlooker into the piece and keeps you circling about almost hypnotically, caught up in the exchange of emotion.”

Jean Ellen Guerrettaz, University of Cincinnati Ohio, USA, 1999.

“Chandra attempts to invest in her work a meditative stillness extricating art from the vicious circle of the ephemeral, the New and the sensational….”. "About her female figures, what she achieves in them is, “presence,” icon-like moments taken out of time .”

Professor S B Dissanayake, University of Peradeniya.1999.

"Your heads are quite good. It seems to me that you have a latent talent for portraiture which you should exploit more consciously. You taste for pleasing colours and strong lines would help to give delicacy and good form."

Aslhley Halpe, 1966.

"I looked at your paintings with great interest, and of course, great pleasure. Your portraits are very pleasing and, if the English Dept, University, pardons me, very “poetic'. I particularly like 13, 20 , 28, among others. 5 and 32 are startling in their colours, but I a way that one likes to be startled."

"Your pictures show remarkable variety of form and colour, particularly colour."

"My best wishes to you and thanks for the pleasure you gave us with your work."

Merlin Peiris, Classics Dept, University. 14.05.1966.

My paintings reflect a certain cultural heritage, a synthesis of my own emotions, and the cultural and historical background of my country and as wider unit that of South Asia . I do not believe in dividing art into strict geographical units but there are some special qualities inherent in the art of any region. Likewise my paintings, to a great extent, reflect my region and my own outlook on life.